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Commercial Photography for Chesneys and the Clean Burn XL

Updated: May 28, 2021

We took an already luxury product, and gave it that refined finish it deserves.

Over the last twelve months, if you had a garden, you were a god. A very lucky person, and the envy of all your social media followers. During periods of lockdowns in the UK, sales of garden furniture went through the roof as households prepared for extended periods at home, or simply wanted to be able to entertain guests while under government restrictions. And overall, for many, it has made people appreciate their living space more, and to consider improvements, rather than relocations. Whereas for others, it has changed people's perceptions of their own space, and how adequate it actually is for their leisure time at home. This has caused home buyers to now pursue a life outside the city, where they can enjoy free time spent not in the hustle and bustle, but in the serene surroundings of their own back garden. And this is a positive shift in behaviour for my friends at Chesneys. A family-owned luxury heating business that I have shot commercial photography for in the past, and remain a huge fan of to this day.

If you're lucky enough to have a Chesneys fireplace in your garden, then you'll know just how incredible they are, anytime of the year. Be it a long winter night huddled around the fireplace covered in blankets and sipping mulled wine, or on summer gatherings cooking up a storm on their heater BBQ's, there isn't a time when one of their heaters isn't an outstanding investment!

Behind the Scenes at the Commercial Photography Shoot with Chesneys

Early last year I shot some commercial photography for Chesneys, when they needed someone to capture their new 'Heat Collection'. The brief then was to capture visually stunning close-ups of their new collection, while also showcasing the lifestyle that this kind of luxury product promotes. But for this shoot the focus was much more on the lifestyle aspect of the product, with Chesneys seeking to encourage people to embrace the benefits of outdoor living. And possibly ride on the wave of the public's shift in focus towards outside space, and its renewed importance. The product in question was the Clean Burn XL, a very sleek, yet powerful outdoor wood-burning heater with a landscape design.

The commercial photography shoot for Chesneys was located in a quiet back garden in Earlsfield, South West London, and it was to be the location for both daytime, and nighttime shots. The brand wanted photography that would promote the idea that this was an all-year-round product. One that could be used on a summer evening when the weather gets a little chilly, and equally useful during a crisp Autumn day when you want your garden to become an extra room. We created these visuals by setting a variety of scenes with experienced models, furniture and luxury detailing. Together they created a sophisticated scene, one that represented the target market, while also being aspirational. We created a series of pictures that the viewer really wanted to become a part of, with the Clean Burn XL being very much at the heart of their focus.

As day turned into night, I felt very fortunate to have a very experienced lighting expert on hand to assist me. Tim Jobling was invaluable during the day, gifting our shot with the warm glow we needed to create. But he really came into his own as night fell, carefully crafting a scene that felt cosy and inviting, without being dark and gloomy. Tim also took care of the Digital Tech on the day, monitoring the shots on the laptop to make sure the colours and styling fitted the brief & were consistent.

The whole shoot went without a hitch, apart from a few moments spent chasing the dog! But overall, I'm delighted with the results of this commercial photography shoot, and I believe the creative team at Chesneys were too. So let's hope we'll be invited back for another shoot with their stunning outdoor heaters some time soon!

Take a look at the results below....

If you'd like to check out The Outdoor Living Collection from Chesneys Fireplaces follow the link here and if you would like to see any more of my commercial photography click here.


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