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The Ultimate Glamping Experience - Commercial Photoshoot for Dicky Deans Shepherd's Huts

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Blending indulgence with nature, my next holiday may just be in a Shepherds Hut after my photoshoot with Dicky Dean.

Before my commercial photoshoot with Dicky Deans, I'd never heard of a Shepherd's Hut! But ever since my trip down to Lewes a couple of weeks ago, I've been eyeing up my not-so-spacious London garden to see if I can fit one in! They are a dream for anyone who loves the great outdoors while still needing those all important creature comforts.

I was contacted recently by Dicky Deans to shoot a brand-new Shepherd's Hut they had produced for a client down in Worcestershire. It was fresh out of the workshop, and they wanted someone to capture just how luxurious their products are. Obviously I jumped at the chance!

What is a Shepherd's Hut?

Inspired by the travelling shepherds of old, transporting their wares in these four-wheeled hideouts, shepherd's huts are arguably the origin of glamping. Originally used several hundred years ago, these huts were not about luxury but about a simple, practical shelter for working hill farmers and shepherds (hence the name). A shepherd’s hut was simply a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, sitting room, storeroom and wet-weather shelter all in one. They would almost always have a wood burning stove with a chimney in the corner which would provide heating, drying and somewhere to cook – and a window on each side so that the shepherd could see his flock from the inside. These days, a Shepherd's Hut is a far more luxurious affair with fully fitted kitchens, bathrooms and Wi-Fi!

The Shepherd's Hut Glamping Experience

During lockdown a lot of us have been forced to realise the grass isn't always greener on the other side, and actually a holiday in the UK can be pretty great, when it's not raining... Rain or no rain, the glamping experience is still a pretty special one. Its cosy, romantic and for most of us the view is a decidedly better one than we're accustomed to! The Shepherd's Huts by Dicky Deans are out of this world, as soon as I stepped inside I felt like I was on an escape. Their huts are all handcrafted and designed by Dicky himself, a former set designer in the West end of London. Seeking a more relaxed pace of life, Dicky pursued his passion for building things to create high-quality Shepherd's Huts and Glamping Pods down in rural Lewes, Sussex. Dicky has formed the perfect working partnership with his wife, a talented interior designer and together they create these fabulous holiday homes for sale. They both welcomed me warmly when I arrived at their countryside hideaway and were soon excitedly guiding me to their new creation.

Commercial Photoshoot for Dicky Deans

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the shepherd's hut was the smell, a gloriously warm mix of quality wood, fresh paint and log-burning fire... Dicky Dean and his wife showed me around and explained what they needed to convey in their commercial photoshoot. A sense of comfort, luxuriousness, warmth and space were the key points I took away from their brief. The weather wasn't great on the day, so my first aim was to create light inside and illuminate the space as if it were a bright summer afternoon. Once we had bathed the hut's inside in a warm yet crisp glow, I set about shooting the individual sections. For me the most impressive part of the hut, was the roll top copper bath by William Holland. It's so dramatic and grand with a rich colour that coordinates perfectly with the interior design. For this reason, I wanted to make sure I vividly captured it and guarantee that it is still a standout feature, even when shooting the main section of the structure. It also helped me create space when shooting the living area, as it served as a point of interest at the end of the leading lines flowing down the hut. Alongside the luxurious bathtub, we also wanted to highlight the Hobbit Wood Burner by Salamander Stoves. A quality piece of ironware that not only looks impressive, but also pumps out a lot of heat for such a small unit. This feeling of warmth was something that I had to channel through my photography in order to show just how cosy & homely this hut was!

Pure Craftsmanship & Style

All in all I was deeply impressed with the Shepherd's Huts by Dicky Dean, they would be a dream to own or perfect for spending a long glamping weekend in, and thankfully I have to go back soon to shoot some more! The guys down there were really happy with my work, and they thought it would be a good idea to share what exactly goes into creating one of these huts. So they have invited me down to shoot in their workshop this week and document the labour and craft that goes into every one of their shepherd's huts. I can't wait!

If you are looking to promote your business and are in need of some strong commercial photography, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.


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