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Go Behind the Scenes at my latest shoot for Chesneys Fireplace's

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A Chesneys fireplace is a luxury choice. The centrepiece of your garden or terrace. For our recent shoot with the brand we needed to show just how special these outdoor heaters are.

Chesneys fireplaces behind the scenes photoshoot 2020

If you're lucky enough to have a Chesneys fireplace in your garden you'll know just how incredible they are at anytime of the year. Be it a long winter night huddled around the fireplace covered in blankets and sipping mulled wine or on summer gatherings cooking up a storm on their heater BBQ's there isn't a time when one of their heaters isn't an amazing investment! Trust me!

Behind the Scenes at my latest shoot for Chesneys

When Chesneys approached me to shoot their 'Heat Collection' I leaped at the chance because I know just how amazing they look on film and you never know they might need someone to test out their new range! The Brief was to create high-end visually stunning close-ups of the new collection that really showed off the quality & craftsmanship they put into each product, each little detail needed to be captured.

Chesneys fireplaces behind the scenes photoshoot 2020

Last year I created some lifestyle images for the guys at Chesneys on a location shoot in Richmond (see above) and they loved the results, a combination of stills and videos that really sold the dream of what its like to own one of their heaters. Really cosy, romantic and perfect for a night in with friends. Following the success of that shoot in luxurious Richmond they brought me in to the slightly less chic surroundings of their warehouse in Battersea! A huge space filled with so many BBQ's, heaters, fireplaces... you know name it! If it keeps you warm inside or out they've got one!

Chesneys fireplaces behind the scenes photoshoot 2020

We set up shop in the corner of the warehouse for the shoot, much to the curiosity of the warehouse workers! It was a nice little spot though, out of the way and an easy place to set up lighting and backgrounds. My lighting for the day was put together by the brilliant Tim Jobling in conjunction with Simon Battensby ( gaffer ) who were always on-hand to make sure that every angle was lit in just the way it should be.

Tim also took care of the Digital Tech on the day, monitoring the shots on the laptop to make sure the colours and styling fitted the brief & were consistent.

Chesneys fireplaces behind the scenes photoshoot 2020
Tim Jobling (left) & Chris Pearson at Chesneys Fireplaces

We also had the very experienced Chris Searson on set, from Blue Print Film, he's amazing at creating branded content that really pops and his knowledge on the day was invaluable to the team! Nice bloke too!

Chesneys fireplaces behind the scenes photoshoot 2020

Once we were all set up it was up to me to get shooting! Focusing on the fine details of these Chesneys fireplaces was easy because the team had set everything up so well and those heaters look great from almost every angle! You know that sound you get when you close the door on a luxury car? Yeah, the detailing on these heaters are the equivalent of that! The product you can see in the behind the scenes shots is the Terrace Gourmet from their Heat Collection and its a beauty. The curved design makes it such an attractive feature for the garden and the fact that you can cook and heat your surroundings makes it perfect for this unpredictable English weather!

Anyway, I'm not trying to sell the Chesneys fireplaces to you! I just think they are a bloody great investment if you have the space and time to enjoy one.

Chesneys fireplaces behind the scenes photoshoot 2020

The whole shoot went without a hitch. Thanks to the creative team....and thanks also goes to Mark Joy and Adam Holbrook from Chesneys Marketing Department for their continued support as well as their input on the day.... hopefully we'll be invited back for another shoot with these stunning pieces of kit!

Check out the results below....

If you'd like to check out The Heat Collection from Chesneys Fireplaces follow the link here and if you would like to see any more of my commercial photography click here.


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