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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Professional Commercial Photographer

When hiring a professional commercial photographer, you want the final results to be perfect. To ensure the finished product is exactly what you had in mind here are my top tips.

The question of how to choose a Professional Commercial Photographer, is one that has been asked many times before & one that I’m keen to answer, after all it’s one of the reasons people commission my photography services.

There are numerous reasons to hire a professional commercial photographer in London. Too often people assume that any image will suffice. But, in fact the quality of image you choose for your brand and other marketing materials says a lot about how you value yourself and your company. Essential thumb rule of business: “People buy people. Not the service or product you are trying to sell.”

commercial photographer in london

Having high quality professional photography represents your business credibility in the eyes of the consumer. It says that you care for your brand, which can directly influence whether a client chooses to hire you or your business. Representing your company professionally well is key, no matter how small or large your business is.

Choose the right commercial photographer in London to work with your company and you’ll be rewarded with imagery that syncs perfectly with your vision, adds to it and draws in your target audience. Choose the wrong photographer and you’ll spend good money on content which delivers nothing other than a few pricey pictures...

What to Look for When Choosing a Professional Commercial Photographer


You want a commercial photographer to turn up on time, be able to work without causing disruption to your daily business and to reliably produce work that fits in with your deadline. It’s hard to assess all of that from a first meeting, however, you can usually get a feel for how easy they’ll be to work with.

Observe their manner when speaking with you and others. Are they easy to talk to? Do they have a friendly personality? Do they listen more than they speak? Are they more interested in impressing you with their skills, or are they more keen on bringing the best out of your brand? All questions which might help you assess what the potential commercial photographer might be like to work with.


Examine their Portfolio

While years of experience and an impressive number of businesses worked for might well make a photographer sound like they have plenty of experience, it’s a must to check out the actual work they’ve done. And are those past clients relevant to you.

Photographers will normally be able to show you a portfolio detailing their previous work. Not everyone’s vision is compatible. If you see lots of skilfully created pictures but dislike all of them, then chances are you might not like what the photographer produces for you either. Look for work that has some similarity to the project you’re considering them for, and if you like what you see, then you might have found your perfect photographer.

An Obsession with Detail and Design

A good professional photographer is normally extremely passionate about their art and about the possibilities a new project might bring. When discussing your requirements, a little excitement from the photographer and a feeling that they’re already engaging their imagination to think about what the job might entail, are good signs that their artistic drive will be fully engaged when working on your photography.

That obsession to detail should go well beyond the commercial photography process itself. Be prepared to answer questions you might not have considered and have questions answered you never thought to ask.


A Lot of Preparation

Like any other creative industries, professional commercial photography is far less about inspiration and far more about preparation than many people think. The perfect shot is rarely without some preparation. On occasion, luck can play a part but more often for commercial photographers and architectural photographers, there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes. This will involve setting and dressing the image, then taking numerous shots to develop the perfect picture. See how I prepared for my shoot with Chesneys Fireplaces.

An experienced commercial photographer in London with a broad range of talents in different types of photography is often the best choice for a commercial project. Make sure to ask about what preparation your prospective photographer will be doing in order to capture your imagery, their response will give you a good idea of his experience. It will also aid you in preparing for your shoot (logistics wise) if you decide to choose that photographer.

Tony Brown Photography prides itself on its standard of commercial photography and its ability to reliably deliver eye-catching, engaging and shareable imagery that your brand will be proud to display in your marketing materials. Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you and your brand.


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