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Discover these Amazing Free Resources for Photographers in 2022

As a photographer, it's important to always be learning. Here are some great resources photographers can utilise for free!

Any photographer, or freelancer for that matter, will tell you, it's essential you use any downtime to your advantage. In our field of photography, that invariably means sharpening skills and working on marketing and branding. But if you're in the middle of a slight drought in work, or you are beginning your photography career, the last thing you want to do is give yourself extra expenditure. That is why today, I've rounded up some top free resources photographers can use to better their exposure, and overall skills.

To learn, and prepare for better times, you should be utilizing the endless free resources out there for photographers online. And maybe even creating your own to be published on your blog, or other marketing materials.

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite FREE resources for photographers to read, listen and watch. Each free resource for photographers is a giant lifesaver for businesses that aren’t ready, or don’t want to spend a lot on digital education.

Free Resources for Photographers

Google Ads Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is full of great tips for putting together Google Ads and will certainly help you start to pick up clients. Google Ads are a massive part of many photographers’ businesses, and if they’re not a part of yours – yet – they can be, with this guide.

Free Email Templates

These free email templates are a great jumping-off point for photographers who hate putting together emails, and lack the resources to get them designed. If you’re not huge on writing email communications, these 5 free email templates are perfect for giving your e-marketing a little extra something.

Website Copy Template

In general, photographers hate writing copy. If you're one of those that's not a fan, this template should be a lifesaver. But don’t just fill in the little text boxes on your Squarespace/Showit/Wix template. Take your time, and write down just what you want to share, as a business. Then fill in the blanks.

Free Podcasts for Photographers

The Photo Opp Podcast

The Photo Opp Podcast is a free resource for photographers of all levels. Featuring chats with guests from all different industries, and useful tips for beginners to build and scale their businesses.

The Beginner Photography Podcast

This podcast is definitely NOT just for beginners, despite its title. It features all sorts of fantastic guests who all offer a really organic take on their specific field of expertise.

Six Figure Photography Podcast

The Six Figure Photography Podcast features Ben Hartley chatting with many different guests about photography and business. It can get motivational, so prepare to feel propelled to suceed after listening!

Useful YouTube Channels for Photographers

Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson is someone you could have on YouTube, in the background, all day. His videos give an incredible look behind the scenes at the photography industry, and he always offers actionable advice on being in business and how to market yourself. Along with personal insights from his illustrious career.

Art of Photography

Run by Ted Forbes, Art of Photography has been around on YouTube for a long time. The channel has plenty of informative content on camera equipment, and Forbes often shares his expert tips and techniques to get the best results out of particular pieces of photographic tech. He also offers opportunities to feature your work on the channel if it’s interesting enough.

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi offers the best advice when it comes to fashion and portrait photography. She posts vlogs of travelling, shooting portraits, and offers great photography tips to her subscribers. If you’re looking to learn about portrait photography or even editing, this is a must-subscribe YouTube channel.


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