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How to Display Photos in Your Home

Don't keep the photos on your phone, display them around your home!

Personal touches are what makes a house a home, and there's nothing more personal than when you display photos in your home. But finding ways to incorporate photos into your living room, bedroom etc can be challenging. Often you're competing with colour schemes, art and the overall vibe already present in the room. Not to mention any photos already present.

How to display photos in your home

While basic frames are still a great way to display photos in your home, there are now so many other photo display options that will morph your pictures into unique statement pieces. Having said that, it can still be hard to think of creative and fun ways to show off your treasured photos. That's why today I thought I'd share my favourite ways to display photos in your home, in the hope that I might inspire your next interior design challenge.

Photo Display Ideas that are Better than Average

Photo Wall

Got a plain wall that needs a bit of jazzing up? Try a selection of your favourite photos, all sized the same, in coordinated frames. It'll immediately give a room or hallway a bit of personality.

Kitchen Gallery

Family photos shouldn't be limited to living rooms. Why not put reminders of your loved ones in the kitchen?

Put Photos in One Print

Gather dozens of your favourite photos, size them the same, and arrange them block-style in one print. Hang it up over your sofa or in a bare hallway for instant art.

Photo Ledge

The idea of photo ledges appealed to me because the art could be changed from season to season, and what's even better is it doesn't ALL have to be art.

A Pair of Portraits

Choose two of your fave prints that go well together, and position them pride of place somewhere your eye often wanders to.

Bring the Inside In

Bring a little of the outdoors inside with this rustic display. Simply get a stick or piece of wood you like, attach pieces of rope or twine, fasten on clothes-pegs, and add some ornaments between. Just keep the photos the same size for a cohesive look.

Turn Your Staircase Into a Statement

Finding ways to display photos on a staircase can be tricky, which is why this idea is so nice. Position some horizontally, some vertical, and you'll get a lovely little mix of everything.


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