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How to Give Your Photos the WOW Factor

Creating a 'wow factor' in photography does not always mean spending hours 'improving' things in photoshop, there are many things you can do before the shutter even clicks that will make your photos look even more impressive.

how to create wow photos

Are you sometimes frustrated that your photos don't pop, don't have that wow factor? Well, it's common for both amateur and professional photographers in London alike to feel this way. But there are some simple steps you can take that'll bring much improvement to your photography overall. While also helping you find that elusive wow moment in your photos!

A critical question you should ask yourself before you take any shot is, am I capturing a moment in time, or a story? These are two entirely unique types of photos, and understanding the difference will vastly improve your chance of achieving a wow moment. Both types of images serve their purpose, and you should not see them as bad or good, but photos with a wow factor invariably tell a story.

How to Bring the Wow Factor to Your Photos

Change the Perspective the Viewer has on an Object

Everyone shoots famous landmarks or architecture from eye level, but what happens if you change the height or the angle you're shooting from. Try shooting from above or flat on the ground. Changing up your photographic viewpoint will deliver a much greater visual impact to your images.

It's easy to get caught up in capturing that obvious shot, when we're actually missing something pretty special. Look at your subject from every angle and decide which one brings more to your composition.

Move it from the middle

The middle of your photo is not always the best place for your subject. Bring your photo to life & make it much more interesting by moving the subject away from the centre of the image. Try dividing your image into thirds, the rule of thirds. Position your subject in one-third of the frame, and in doing so, will add balance and interest to your shot. Such an easy way to bring the wow factor to your photos once it becomes natural to you.

wow photos how to london photographer

Consider your background

A bad background can ruin a potentially wonderful photo. It may be distracting, busy, messy or cluttered. Move the distraction, move your subject, or change your viewpoint to hide that distraction in your photos, and you'll find the wow factor just pops out at you.

Shoot with Purpose

When you click the shutter button, how often are you thinking about why you’re clicking the button? Try telling yourself exactly why you’re taking each photograph before you take it – by doing this, you’ll be photographing with real purpose and hopefully end up with a better shot to show for your efforts.

london eye in black and white

Clearly communicate the subject or story

Photography is an art form, and a wonderful way to story tell. But to effectively tell that story, you need to be conscious of what you are trying to communicate.

Why did you pick up your camera? Is it to capture a message, a mood, an emotion, an idea or a combination of all of them? These days, we have an incredibly short attention spans, and so your photos need to grab the viewer, wow them and instantly tell a story. So don't leave them with any confusion as to what your image is telling them; otherwise they'll move on to the next one.

Leading lines

Lines occur all around us. Strategically capturing them in your photos is an easy way to get the wow factor. Using these lines in your images will lead your viewer’s attention to the main subject or simply add further drama to the scene. Leading lines provide depth and a three-dimensional quality to professional photography, but can be easily utilised by an amateur. A well constructed photo may even have further lines included, leading our attention in a circuitous route around the photo.

If you are looking for a professional photographer to achieve that wow factor for your business in London, please feel free to get in touch! Visit my contact page and let's discuss your next project.


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