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What to Look for in a London Photographer

When hiring a photographer in London, you want the final results to be perfect. But how do you know which one to choose?

Being a great photographer depends on more than just mastering a camera, or owning the best gear in all of London. The inherent qualities of a photographer to see beauty in the most unexpected places and capture that beauty in a photograph is what makes them great. But how do you recognise those qualities in a photographer?

Choosing a photographer in London is like choosing any other professional to do a job, there are certain things that you need to look out for. And anybody who has ever organised a photo session knows how hard it can be to find a photographer that suits your needs, and is also able to realize your idea.

There are many photographers in London that offer their services, and since they all work within different styles, genres and use different tools and equipment, it can be hard to distinguish between them. But not everyone will have the relevant skills or experience to help them do the task.

So what should you pay close attention to when on the look out for a photographer, and how do you know who can do the job just right?

Here are five qualities you should look out for in a potential photographer

1. Creativity

Photography is an art, whichever type it is. Therefore, it requires a creativity, and plenty of imagination. A good photographer will be able to look at something fairly ordinary, or even extraordinary, and find lots of different ways to interpret what they're seeing.

As you may already know, composition is everything in photography. Even if you aren’t concerned about the artistic side of the craft, composition is still key in producing good photographs. Sure, some basic composition rules can guide you, but at the end of the day, creativity and imagination are the best guides for stellar compositions.

2. An Eye for Detail

A good photographer must have a keen eye for detail in order to ensure that all elements are within an image. Lighting, composition, subject, story. These all need to work harmoniously together to convey the requested vision.

The tiniest detail can make or break a photograph. So having an eye for detail, and being meticulous, is critical in producing the perfect photograph.

3. Patience

As a photographer, things won’t always go your way. And there will be days when the lighting won’t cooperate, or your clients will be difficult. But a good photographer will not let it show, and will remain ever calm.

No matter the type of photographer you are searching for, patience is always an essential quality to look out for. You need someone who has the patience to wait for the perfect lighting, for everybody to ready, and occasionally, you need it to deal with particular clients.

In addition to patience, they also need to be flexible. The two qualities go hand in hand, as your patience will allow you the time to be flexible enough to make the best of undesirable conditions.

4. People Skills

Being a professional photographer in London means working with people, be it a client, a model, or even another photographer. Therefore, being a good photographer requires good people skills. They are necessary in order to network with clients and form partnerships, so knowing how to connect and communicate effectively with others is vital.

Knowing how to interact with subjects, to make them feel at ease, get them to cooperate, or draw out all the right emotions in them is a key part of the job.

5. Passion

As a photographer, if you’re passionate about what you do, it will always shine through in your work. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it as a professional photographer in London, and the ones who do succeed are those who are truly passionate about their craft.

Passion makes the photographer—it will always make you work a little harder, push a little farther, and strive to be better than you were the day before. So look for a photographer who is excited about what they do, and not just going through the motions.


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