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5 Tips From a Professional Photographer on How to Take the Perfect Travel Photos for Instagram

Looking to improve your travel photos for Instagram? I’ve spent many years shooting photography around the world, and today I thought I'd share my favourite travel photographer tips for beginners on insta.

While travelling is all about living in the moment, it’s also fun to document your big adventures and share them with the world, and your loved ones on social media. Before you head out on your next trip, follow my tips for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram.

What holiday is complete without some amazing photos to share? From breath-taking sunsets to selfies lounging on the beach, some of the most eye-catching images found on Instagram capture moments to remember for a lifetime. So while you're on your hols, don’t just point and shoot your phone, instead take a little time to document the moment and remember it for years to come.

Every destination has a distinct landscape and story to tell, and capturing that location can offer a glimpse into your experience. If you’re new to photography, then the techniques below will help you to create an Insta-worthy feed, containing all of your favourite travel spots.

How to take the Perfect Travel Photos for Instagram

Take Horizontal Photos

One of the best tips for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram, is positioning. Before you start running around, pointing your camera phone at anything and everything, take a moment to really feel out the atmosphere and see what you can show from your perspective. To begin with, taking a horizontal photo will give you a beautiful wide shot of the scenery.

You can then apply the rule of thirds concept to your photos to create a more balanced composition. Visually, break down your shot into three sections and frame the subject. If you are planning to take a photo of your arm or leg in the image, create more interest by aligning along the far left or right.

Keep It Focused

Lighting and depth in an image go hand-in-hand when taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram. If your photo is too poorly lit or dark, chances are you’ll end up with a blurry, pixelated mess of a shot. The trick to adding light to a dim location, is to touch the screen to automatically focus on the subject. You can also brighten the image by increasing the depth of field to enhance the exposure. While of course, you can do this while editing your photo, taking a sharper, better image to begin with will always look better. By using the focusing method, your photo will have a sharper subject and a blurred background to create more depth.

Bring a Tripod or Remote

If you’re travelling alone, you may have a hard time getting someone to take a photo of you as the subject, or feel uncomfortable asking a stranger. If you’re worried about your phone getting stolen, take a lightweight mini tripod that will securely fit on your phone and be easy to carry around.

A Bluetooth remote for your phone is also helpful, so you can snap a photo with the push of a button, without asking anyone for help.

Get Off the Beaten Track

If you want to stand out with your travel Instagram game, avoid taking the typical tourist photos with popular landscapes and points of interest in the background.

For something more unique, try a pose that creates a dramatic effect, even if you’re feeling silly. Use props, such as a coffee cup, or hold an object to the lens for a different perspective. Use a tripod with a 3-way panhead tilt to create a panoramic image with you as the subject.

The Human Element

The human element adds interest to your images. You don’t want only pictures of pretty landscapes. You need to prove you were there, and who was with you. Include people you meet on your travels, locals, people who made you laugh, ones who were nice and interesting.

When photographing people, it’s best to have them looking into the frame, but you can capture great expressions and moments when your subject isn’t aware that the camera is pointed at them. Capturing candid moments will more likely evoke memories more than posing in front of landmarks, which can feel touristy and boring.

If you're looking for a travel photographer for your business or publication, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page or browse my portfolio.


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